Treasurechit Returns & Refunds

With Returns and Refunds Management handle your returns, refund or manage your Returns to Origin. Get order and product data as well as detailed shipping tracking, payment and order history

Returns and Refunds Management in Orders

In case of returns, the product will be picked up by Seller’s logistics partner.

  • Sellers should provide return tracking for the buyers to view the scheduled pickup date and time on their return request.
  • Sellers must respond to all return requests within stipulated period as confirmed by the seller in the Service Agreement. Buyers can find your return policy on their order confirmation or the product page of their purchase. We do not charge fees for returns.
  • Upon the arrival of the return shipment, sellers must respond to all return requests within the stipulated period as confirmed by the Seller in the Service Agreement. Sellers will still approve or deny the refund, and close out the return manually.

Return and Refunds for Categories and Sub-categories

7-day refundFoodGrain,Oil & Fast Food, Casual Snacks, Local Agricultural Products, Biscuits and Pastries, Candied Nuts, Nourishing Health, Brewed, Dairy & Drinks, Tea, Nutrition
7-day refundFreshVegetable Produce, Quality Meat and Poultry, Fruit Produce, Seafood, Cooked Cold Dishes, Tropical fruit, Egg and Egg Products, Ice Cream/ Frozen
7-day returnFootwear & AccessoriesWatch and Glasses, Men’s Footwear, Function Luggage, Women's Footwear, Canvas Shoes, Men’s Bag, Boot, Casual Sports Shoes, Leather Shoes, Woman’s Bag, Backpack, Belts, Low Top Shoes
7-day returnAccessoriesJewellery, Pearl, Platinum & K Gold, Wrist watch, Hair Accessories, Brooch, Diamond Fancy Jewels, Neckwear, Ring, Earring, Glasses, Decoration and Storage, Bangle, Bracelet
7-day refundMother and BabyChildren’s Clothing, Toys, Pregnant Mother, School Bag, Stationary, Child Care, Diapers and Wipes, Children’s Shoes, Children’s Sleep, Child Feeding, Nutrition, Dimensional Clothing, Baby Carriage, Milk Powder, Play, Anime
7-day returnMen’s FashionEthnic Wear, Jacket, T-shirt, Casual Pants, Jeans, Suits, Shirt, Knitted Sweater, Coat, Hoodie, Down Jacket, Cotton Clothes, Vest, Suit, Dad Clothes
7-day returnDepartment StorePet Supplies, Stationery, Kitchen Cooking, Cleaning Tools, Daily Necessities, Organise, Festive Gifts, Household Cleaning, Tableware, Personal Care, Books, Musical Instruments, Flower Gardening, Paper Wipes, Livestock and Agricultural Resources, Pot and Kettle
7-day returnSportsFishing Equipment, Outdoor Equipment, Sports Shoes, Sports Accessories, Ball Games, Competitive Sports, Outdoor Wear, Bike, Big Sports, Fitness Yoga, Sports Wear, Running Shoes, Swim Supplies, Leisure Sport
7-day returnHome ImprovementWall, Ground, Hardware Tools, Labor Insurance Supplies, Lightning, Whole House Customisation, Household Hardware, Bathroom Fittings, Electronic and Electrical, Kitchen Hardware
7-day refundUnderwearMen’s Vest, Women’s Socks, Men’s Brief, Camisole, Pajamas, Tracksuit, Ladies Underwear, Bra, Ladies Panties, Function Accessories, Body Sculpting, Gloves, Sleeves, Men’s Socks, Thermal Underwear, Hat
7-day returnMobilesCellphone, Phone Covers, Charging Accessories, Audio and Television, Headset, Microphone, Camera, Digital Accessories, Bluetooth Earphones, Smart Device Accessories, Powerbank
7-day returnElectrical AppliancesWestern Kitchen Appliances, Eastern Kitchen Appliances, Personal Care, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Big Kitchen Appliances, Home Devices, Water Heater, Television
7-day refundCar ProductsCar Electronics, Cushion Pillow, Foot Pad, Trunk Pad, Automotive Interior, Automobile Parts, Cleaning, Beauty, Protection, Safety, Battery Vehicle, Motorcycle Accessories
7-day returnWomen's ClothingEthnic Wear, Coat, Trousers, Skirt, Suit, T-shirt, Sweater/ Fleece, Woolen Coat, Down Jacket, Cotton Clothes, Shirt, Plus Size Women’s Clothing, Mother, Jeans, Knitted Sweater
7-day refundMedicalContact Lens, Rehabilitation Assistance, Hygiene, Masks, Medical Checkup
7-day returnHome FurnishingsMen’s Vest, Women's Socks, Men’s Brief, Camisole, Pajamas, Tracksuit, Ladies Underwear, Bra, Ladies Panties, Function Accessories, Body Sculpting, Gloves, Sleeves, Men’s Socks, Thermal Underwear, Hat
7-day returnFurnitureDining Room Furniture, Study Room Furniture, Children's Furniture, Office, Commercial, Outdoor, Courtyard, Tables, Chairs, Stools, Foyer Furniture, Bedroom Furniture, Living Room Furniture, Cabinet Shelf
7-day returnComputerDesktop PC, Learning Machine, Peripheral Accessories, Video Games, Network Equipment, Office Equipment, Laptop, Tablet, Accessories
7-day refundBeautyFacial Masks, Hair Styling, Wigs, Makeup, Fragrances, Skin Care Sets, Lipsticks, Facial Cleansers, Men’s Grooming, Body Care, Creams, Beauty and Body Apparatus


In order to maintain a good customer experience for customers, it is important for you to ensure that the products you have listed on Treasurechit are in stock and available to ship. However, we understand that there could be delays that are out of your control leading to late dispatch or order cancellation. In that case, Treasurechit will not charge any penalty

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